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Orphea AI


Overcome musical blocks with this AI innovation tool that transforms basic verbal or text inputs into complex, multi-layered musical compositions.

Perseia AI


Craft compelling narratives and inspiring text for your musical compositions that will truly resonate with listeners of all kinds.

Thea AI


Produce one-of-a-kind art for albums, songs, and profiles with this generative network that easily converts text to images.

Promethea AI


Generate high-quality music videos in any style, completely tailored to your unique creative vision and sound.

JGGL 🧡 the moment

Capture your most precious moments with music inspired by your life. Create epic songs that celebrate your biggest achievements, write special love songs for your partner, or compose sad songs to get through life’s toughest challenges!
Insert photo
Make a prompt describing your moment
Generate a music video that touches your heart
Make a prompt describing your moment
Insert photo
Generate a music video that touches your heart

Take on your true role Become an artist or producer

Make the music no one but you could make.

Describe the musical style, add lyrics, and input other sound-prompts to create your song or album with the help of AI.

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Design an AI-generated musical avatar to represent your virtual musical compositions.

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